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New Website

Goodbye Old Faithful


We are saying goodbye to our old website, which did such a great job for us. It was our starter website and as such, it did a good job for us.

We discovered that it was limited in some areas though, which made it more difficult for our customers to easily find the information they were looking for.

Having a limited number of pages meant a lot of information had to go on to the home page making it too congested.

With the basic picture gallery, it was difficult for people to quickly and easily find pictures of particular types of flowers they wanted to look at. 

So we decided to have a new website design to address these problems and to make the website more engaging for our visitors.

We are delighted with the outcome and hope that you are too!  We would welcome your comments. Please let us know if you like it and if you have any ideas for improvements using our contact page or our Facebook or Twitter pages.