Flower Bouquet

Our Beautiful Bouquets

We offer a wide range of bouquets. We usually create a design to the customer’s requirements. You can see some examples below but to see a much wider range of examples we have made for our customers please visit our gifts page.

All our bouquets are hand tied. The flowers are beautifully arranged and then the bottom of the stems are securely tied together so that the flowers stay in the arranged position when you put then in a vase.

As an option you may want to consider a hand tied aqua bouquet. This is basically a hand tied bouquet but it has water contained at the bottom of the flowers and the stems are cut level so that the bouquet can be self standing. You don’t need a vase you just stand it up in your desired place and top up the water occasionally.

As an alternative you might want to consider a boxed aqua arrangement. The addition of a box gives the arrangement a more luxurious effect and the arrangement is a lot more stable. A piece of oasis is placed in the box and the flowers are arranged by firmly placing them into the oasis.

You can see examples of boxed arrangements here or on our gifts page.